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Getting started: Targeted Training therapy

Targeted Training is a specialist form of therapy. It can help children with cerebral palsy, global developmental delay, Down Syndrome and other problems affecting movement control, gain functional skills and independence. If you think that your child could benefit from a course of Targeted Training, our team will be able to help support you through the process.

How can my child be referred for therapy?

In the first instance it is best to make contact with us via telephone, email or through our website. You can have an initial discussion with a member of our team. They will be able to talk to you about whether or not Targeted Training might be of benefit.

The referral process can vary from case to case. Children can be referred to The Movement Centre in the following ways:

  • Self-referred by a parent or carer (if you wish to explore NHS funding you will require a clinical referral at a later date)
  • Referred by a healthcare professional (for example your child’s Consultant, GP, or Physiotherapists)

In many cases we are able to invite you for an initial assessment to assess your child’s suitability for Targeted Training.

If your child has a community-based physiotherapist then it can be helpful to discuss the referral with them.

Please note that the length of time between initial referral and appointment can vary. This is dependent on the method of referral and funding available.

Funding a course of Targeted Training

A course of Targeted Training takes place over 9-12 months and costs £6,250. This includes specialist equipment. Targeted Training is a specialist therapy that falls outside the remit for standard NHS funding. While it is possible to try for funding through the NHS, it is not guaranteed. Therefore, many of the children who attend The Movement Centre are not currently able to access this funding.

With that in mind, our team are available to offer advice. We will support you through the process and discuss the different funding and fundraising options available. We are here to give families support along the way. Furthermore, due to the support of our fantastic donors, we are also able to offer assistance towards some of the cost of therapy.

If you have any questions about whether your child might benefit from Targeted Training, the referral process or advice about funding then please do contact us.