Your child’s course of Targeted Training

Your child’s course of Targeted Training therapy takes 9-12 months. It involves:

Initial Assessment (lasts 2-3 hours)

All appointments take place at The Movement Centre in Oswestry, Shropshire.

The Initial Appointment will enable our team to determine whether or not your child could benefit from Targeted Training therapy.  We will assess their functional ability using internationally recognised standardised, validated outcome measures. This will allow us to identify the starting point of each child.

At this stage we will also take initial measurements of your child for the equipment.

If funding has not been secured you can also meet with one of our Fundraising Team to discuss all available options.

Initial Assessment 2 (lasts 2-3 hours)

You may be invited to a second assessment. This may depend on the time taken to secure funding.

Start of course/Equipment supply (lasts 2-3 hours)

Once funding is in place, at their next appointment, your child will be supplied with their specialised standing frame.  Each frame is designed to meet the needs of the child. The equipment is used throughout the therapy programme. It is maintained and adjusted as required at each assessment. You will also receive a therapy programme so you know how to deliver the therapy at home (see below).

Four review appointments

The next four review appointments will be held with your dedicated Physiotherapist and a Physiotherapy Assistant. Each appointment will last 2-3 hours.

Home programme 30mins – 1hr daily

The Movement Centre will support you on how to deliver Targeted Training between appointments. The programme includes:

  • Close liaison with families and local physiotherapy services
  • Reports covering findings, advice and outcomes following every assessment (circulated to you and other clinicians, as appropriate)
  • Invitation to our annual Awards Party. This is where all children who have finished their course of Targeted Training in the last year can celebrate their achievements with their family. It is also a great opportunity for our families to get together!
  • Invitation to a six-month follow-up session

You can find out more about the benefits of Targeted Training here.