The Movement Centre are committed to research in the area of movement control. We have strong links with the following

  • Manchester Metropolitan University, UK: Monitoring head control. Exploring development of a training course for Targeted Training. PhD project developing a quantitative outcome measure to assess trunk posture and movement (see below for details)
  • Keele University, UK: We support clinical placements for Physiotherapy students from Keele University every year
  • Liverpool John Moores University, UK (see below for details)
Liverpool John Moores University

The training and testing of Core Control using Virtual Reality games is being carried out by Gabor Barton of Liverpool John Moores University at the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences.

Manchester Metropolitan University

Currently, our main focus is our work with Maria B. Sánchez. Maria is a PhD student from Manchester Metropolitan University. The aim of the project is to create a quantitative outcome measure (giving precise numbers and angles) that can be used to assess trunk posture and movement in a regular physiotherapy clinic environment. At present, only subjective outcomes (physiotherapist opinion of posture) are available. This can affect assessment and outcomes. This study has the long term potential to benefit the many thousands of severely affected children worldwide who have cerebral palsy and difficulties with trunk posture and control.

STRATEGY (Segmental Training Research and Teaching Group)

This newsletter has been developed to provide information about current research being carried out throughout the world in areas that influence Targeted Training.
STRATEGY newsletter December 2015
STRATEGY Newsletter March 2014
STRATEGY Newsletter December 2013