Our Projects

Supporting The Movement Centre can be done in many different ways, including fundraising, taking part in an event, becoming a corporate partner, or making a donation.

We have two projects that we are currently seeking support for. Take a look, and if you feel you would like to help out with any of the projects please get in touch.

We also welcome unrestricted donations, which help us to continue our vital work.

Assessing for a better future

Assessing for a better future

Our team needs to determine whether the children that attend The Movement Centre will benefit from a course of Targeted Training Therapy. We do this by offering each family wanting to attend our centre an assessment for their child so that our specialist physiotherapists can make a decision, on whether to proceed or not.

These assessments last up to 2 hours and are a chance for our physiotherapists to take measurements, gather details, creating outcomes for the children, giving our therapy staff  all the information they need. The initial assessments allow us and the families who need our support to determine if Targeted Training is the best way forward for the child.

For children with a movement disability to reach their full potential they need input from a range of different therapies and medical professionals. The initial assessment allows us to determine that Targeted Training therapy can give each children the best chance of reaching their full potential.

Could you help support our ‘Assessing for a better future’ project? 

Total Project cost per year: £24,500

Cost per session for 1 child: £350


Putting fun into therapy- Activity packs

Putting fun into therapy- Activity Packs

We want to make Targeted Training therapy as engaging as possible and to have an even greater impact. We are aiming to further develop our therapy through activity packs and sensory items.

Can you give your support so that we can send each child home with their very own personalised activity pack? The activity packs will include toys, sensory items with sounds and lights and activity sheets. As part of the project we also want to enhance the sensory items we have at The Movement Centre. This will help us ensure that the children who attend The Movement Centre have further support with therapy both at home and at the centre.

Targeted Training therapy involves the children being stood in a standing frame, with the activity of reaching in all directions, while having an upright posture. Having more interactive and engaging equipment would make the therapy even more enjoyable for the children and increase the potential for each child to make progress. As Targeted Training therapy also takes place daily in the home, it is important that we are able to support families and help them to engage the child in the activity. Daily practise is essential and getting the child engaged and encouraging them to reach during the each their sessions and appointments is an extremely important part of the therapy.

What is included in the packs?

Each pack will contain various sensory resources such as light up toys, bells and ribbons to encourage the child to engage in the activities.  The packs would also contain ideas for games, further activity ideas and rhymes and songs that are printed and laminated by The Movement Centre. The sensory items would be put together in a bag, which will mean that the materials can be easily transferred if practise is taking place at another location, such as school or with another family member. It will also give the child a sense of ownership.

The Movement Centre would like to be able to provide every child with an activity pack to support them and their family in Targeted Training therapy.

Could you help support our ‘Putting fun into therapy’ project? 

Total Project cost for 100 children: £2,850

Cost per child: £28.50 

Please get in touch if you feel you would like to donate or fundraise toward our projects, or if you would like to become a corporate partner to support our projects.