Targeted Training

At The Movement Centre we provide Targeted Training, an evidence based, life changing therapy, for children who have cerebral palsy and movement disabilities.

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What is Targeted Training?

Targeted Training can make a huge difference to the lives of the children who attend The Movement Centre. It draws on specialist physiotherapy and bioengineering and, furthermore, it has been developed using clinical trials, audit and research. It is different from other therapies because it works by placing a child in an upright position and using equipment to provide stability and support. This happens directly beneath where control becomes an issue. As each child makes progress the level of support is lowered so that they can continue to develop movement control. By doing this it mimics the way in which movement control is naturally developed in a young infant from the head downwards.

We are the only provider of Targeted Training and, as a result, we can help improve movement and independence for children with various degrees of disability. In fact, Targeted Training can be particularly beneficial for children with the most severe disabilities.

A course of Targeted Training therapy takes place over 9-12 months. Children attend our centre in Oswestry every eight weeks and take their Targeted Training equipment home with them, where they practise for half an hour or so each day. Although it sounds like homework, it can actually be lots of fun, and children enjoy their therapy.

Targeted Training is a specialist physiotherapy service, so it sadly falls outside the remit for standard NHS funding. Consequentially, we have to raise vital funds every year to continue our work.

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