Targeted Training therapy

At The Movement Centre we provide Targeted Training, an evidence based, life changing therapy, for children who have cerebral palsy and movement disabilities.

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What is Targeted Training therapy?

The Movement Centre provides a specialist therapy called Targeted Training. Targeted Training has been developed to help children with movement disabilities gain control of their movement. Through a course children can gain new skills and independence, which can have a huge impact on their lives.

Many of the children who come to The Movement Centre have Cerebral Palsy or Global Developmental Delay, but Targeted Training therapy can also be suitable for children who have an acquired brain injury, Down Syndrome and other Genetic Disorders. We work closely with families and the course of therapy is tailored to each child’s specific needs.

Targeted Training therapy consists of a 12 month course, combining the use of a specialist standing frame and physiotherapy. It is different from other therapies because it works by placing your child in an upright position and the standing frame provides stability and support. The support happens directly beneath the area where movement control is a challenge. As progress is made the level of support may be lowered. This process mirrors the way in which movement control is naturally developed; from the head downwards.

The specialist standing frame is taken home and families carry out daily exercises. Although it sounds like homework, it can be lots of fun! Throughout the 12 month course families come to The Movement Centre every 8 weeks for an assessment. Each family has their own specialist Physiotherapist, who will work closely with you. Every course of therapy is unique. By working together with each child and their family, we aim to make the best progress possible.

To date Targeted Training therapy has helped nearly 600 children gain control of their movement. Through a course of therapy children can gain head control, so that they can communicate better with their family and friends. Children can develop the skills to sit unaided, so that they can play with their toys. Some of the children who come to The Movement Centre have learned to walk independently. Learning any of these new found skills can be life changing.

Targeted Training therapy works best in addition to regular physiotherapy. Our research has shown that through a course of Targeted Training children can be 3-4 times more likely to gain movement control.

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