Benefits of Targeted Training

Targeted Training gives a better quality of life

Each course of Targeted Training is unique. By working together with each child and their family, we aim  to make the best progress possible.

To date, Targeted Training has helped more than 500 children gain functional skills, which can truly transform a child’s life. As a result of a course of therapy we see children turn their head for the first time to interact with their family and friends, sit unaided so that they can play or even take their first independent steps. This can all lead to lots of mischief and fun!

The addition of Targeted Training

Targeted Training works best in addition to traditional physiotherapy. It can make a big difference to a child’s development. It was pioneered at The Movement Centre, over 20 years ago, and has been delivering positive outcomes since.

We believe that:

  • With the addition of a 9-12 month course of Targeted Training a child is three to four times more likely to gain functional skills than with conventional physiotherapy alone
  • Early intervention is important. Therefore, 52% of the children we work with are aged between one and three
  • Targeted Training can continue to make a real difference for children who are a little older. Children as old as seven and eight years have learned to sit independently for the first time, within a few months of receiving Targeted Training
  • By receiving a course of Targeted Training there can be a significant reduction in the amount of subsequent care and treatment a child will need in later life. It is noteworthy that increased functional skills and independence can mean there is less of a need for future equipment, medical and carers