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Targeted Training therapyLyra’s Story 

When Lyra was referred to The Movement Centre there were delays with her development. Lyra was missing milestones, such as rolling, sitting, and crawling. Her ability to maintain sitting emerged when she was 20 months old, and just a couple of weeks before her first assessment she had learned to transition from lying to sitting independently. At her initial assessment at The Movement Centre it was determined that Lyra would benefit from a course of Targeted Training therapy.

At her supply appointment Lyra was given the goals of high kneeling and standing 2 hands held and Lyra and her family was sent home with the Targeted Training standing frame. We were kept updated with pictures and videos from Lyra’s progress. Lyra really enjoyed her time in the standing frame.  Lyra and her brother, Joseph, really enjoyed that they could now do more activities together. Joseph helped out as much as he could to engage Lyra in activities while in her Targeted Training standing frame.

By Lyra’s 3rd review, just 6 months into a 12 month course of therapy Lyra could stand independently and take up to 16 independent steps. This was fantastic news for Lyra’s family, and seeing Lyra walking around the treatment room was great for TMC staff. Lyra had found her feet!

Lyra continued to work on consolidating her walking and by her 4th review Lyra walked into The Movement Centre, down the corridor, and was even up and down the ramp.

Following her course of Targeted Training therapy Lyra got to celebrate her achievements with her family and many of the other children who come to The Movement Centre at our Awards Party. She walked up the special red carpet to receive her award, accompanied by her brother, Joseph.

An amazing achievement, Lyra!