Meet the children

Rebecca’s Story

Therapy to help trunk control

Rebecca enjoying her new independence on the beach.

Rebecca was 2 1/2 years old when she started Targeted Training in 2011 with the aim of improving her trunk control to obtain a good alignment in sitting with the functional goal of independent standing. When she finished her Targeted Training in the summer of 2012 she had exceeded expectations and gained a few independent steps. In April 2013 Rebecca astonished us all at our Awards Party by stomping around the room clapping her hands!

Targeted Training gave her the building blocks to start walking all by herself.

Rebecca’s mum shares her family’s experience of Targeted Training at The Movement Centre.

“Rebecca first attended The Movement Centre back in March 2011. She was struggling with trunk control and balance, also she didn’t like kneeling. We were very kindly supplied with a specialised standing frame with support. She enjoyed the training, using a balloon to play with. We saw Rebecca’s strength start to improve and to see her up straight was great. She was so excited to be on her own, she started walking two handed and then taking a few independent steps back and forth between two people. This went on for a long time and then one day she let go of the kitchen units and walked off going around and around the house. I stood in disbelief, crying, unable to focus the camera. Luckily our son was able to take some pictures and ring Rebecca’s Dad to come home. She was so excited and proud, laughing as she walked. The feeling was great. My husband and I could not believe what we were seeing. Rebecca has slowly improved her balance and is now able to walk on uneven ground. We are so proud of her and all of the hard work she has put in.”  

Rowan’s Story

When Rowan first came to The Movement Centre in October 2012 for an assessment he could not sit without using his hands for support but he could walk with both his hands held. The initial aim was to improve his trunk control so that he could gain hands free floor sitting. We also hoped that by improving his trunk control his walking ability would improve. It certainly has; he can walk all on his own!

Rowan’s Grandmother shares her family’s experience of Targeted Training at The Movement Centre.

On Sunday the 7th April 2013, at a family party, Rowan walked. I cried. Rowan is 2 1/2. He was born in November 2010 ten weeks premature with several health issues, including a lower limb deficiency. This meant his left leg had not formed properly and he would never be able to walk with it. This, along with his other health issues meant that for his first year he was just like a newborn baby; he couldn’t sit up on his own, or roll onto his front. In May 2012 Rowan had his left leg amputated through the knee and in August 2012 he was fitted with his first prosthetic leg. His physio in Stafford suggested that we apply to The Movement Centre in Oswestry for specialist help in strengthening his upper body so that he could learn to walk. 

Just 7 months later we were at our family party. Rowan was watching the other children running round and playing in a sea of balloons and he set off walking towards them all on his own. “I did it!” he said.”