Your course of Targeted Training

Each course of Targeted Training therapy includes the following:

If we believe Targeted Training therapy may benefit your child you will be invited to an Initial Appointment to determine if it is suitable. We will only accept your child onto a course of therapy if we believe it may help them gain movement control. Your Physiotherapist will talk you through the programme and, if appropriate, you will also meet with one of our fundraising team, to discuss the funding process.  Once the funding pathway is established we will endeavour to start each child on a course of Targeted Training therapy, as soon as possible, depending on availability. There are lots of ways we can help with funding.
Supply of
Once funding is in place we can arrange to supply you with your specialist standing frame. Targeted Training works by placing your child in an upright position from the start, giving them stability and support at the appropriate level. This equipment is taken home and used by families throughout the course of therapy.
Specialist programme for
your child 
You will be provided with a Specialist Programme for your child. This programme gives guidance on how to deliver Targeted Training therapy at home.
Daily therapy sessions at
It is important that daily Targeted Training therapy sessions take place at home, for 30 minutes each day. Although it sounds like homework, it can be lots of fun and children really enjoy their sessions at home.
Support from your Targeted Training Physiotherapist
Your dedicated Physiotherapist is on hand to offer support and advice throughout the course of Targeted Training. There is also a Facebook group for our families, where we post ideas for the daily therapy sessions at home and our families can share ideas too.

We are always striving to offer as much support as we can to our families and thinking of new and innovative ways we can help!

6 review appointments
Every 8 weeks families are required to come back to The Movement Centre for a review appointment. We make sure we spend time with our families and each appointment can take up to 3 hours. We record each session so that your Physiotherapist can carefully review the session to provide a detailed report.
After each appointment you will receive a detailed report covering findings, advice and outcomes. We also ensure that other healthcare professionals your family is working with are kept in the loop throughout the course, and we are happy to share our reports with the other individuals/organisations that you wish to be informed.
One of the highlights of our year is our annual children’s Awards Party. At the event we celebrate all the hard work our families and children put in to their course of Targeted Training. Every achievement is a big cause for celebration and it is great to see so many happy and proud faces. From learning head control to taking their first steps, it is fantastic to see the new abilities each child has developed over a course of therapy. It is also a great opportunity for the whole family to let their hair down and have some fun, with lots of entertainment and treats too!
Six month
Each child is invited back for a 6 month review appointment to ensure that things are still moving in the right direction and to offer any further support and advice.

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